Airport check-in starts 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight. The check-in takes place at check-in desks in the main building of the airport.

Before check-in please prepare your printed boarding pass and your valid identification document /passport ( visa) or personal ID card if traveling to Schengen countries/.

In case of charter flights passengers receive their seat number based on their arrival to check-in desks. Passengers with infants and children are recommended to arrive during the first half of the check-in to provide themselves suitable seat places. It is optional to purchase priority boarding on ticket booking or at information desk during the check-in. After the security and customs control passengers takes seat at the departure terminal/lounge until boarding starts.

We would like to ask you to start checking-in on time because check-in desks close no later than 40 minutes prior to the departure of the flight.


By Car

The airport is accessible by car only from the direction of Mikepércsi Road. Map

By Taxi

Passengers arriving at Debrecen Airport can reach several destinations of the city on fixed rates by the partner taxi company of the airport. You can get more information about the prices and zone map at the information desks of taxi companies and directly from the taxi drivers waiting in front of the main building.

More info

By Shuttle Bus

Timetable of the airport shuttle bus: Airport1, Airport2

Complete public transportation schedule: Public transportation schedule

DKV route planner: Planner

From Railway Station

From the Railway Station by shuttle bus or Taxi.


Parking Fees

Parking lot is available 24 hours a day throughout the year in charge of parking fee. The cars left in the lot are not guarded. 

Parking fees


Baggage rules of scheduled Wizz Air flights

The following items are strictly forbidden for carriage: explosives, flammable materials and poisonous subtances. Each passenger is permitted to carry one piece of cabin baggage up to 6 pieces of checked-in baggage not exceeding 32 kilograms each.

We would like to ask our passangers if it is possible please do not check in cracked or damaged baggages.

Wizz Air offers two cabin baggage options:

Small cabin bag: If your cabin baggage is of size 42x32x25cm or smaller it can be taken onboard free of charge.

Large cabin bag: If your cabin baggage is larger than the dimensions of a small cabin bag but not exceeding 56x45x25cm, you can take it onboard for a fee.

If needed, children’s pram and pushchair can be used from check-in desk to cabin seat, but they need to be presented at check-in desk in order to tag them as check baggage.

We ask our passengers to check the content of the cabin baggage before checking-in. Cabin baggage must not contain thrusting or cutting tools, manicure set, lighter, glass, corkscrew, iron, mercury thermometer…, etc. These items should be placed in the check baggage. You can read more about the EU regulations of cabin baggage under the section of ’Security restrictions’.

Baggage rules of charter flights

Checked-in baggage must not contain flammable, explosive, poisonous substances and radioactive materials. Each person may carry only one piece of cabin baggage and one piece of checked-in baggage.

The weight of check baggage cannot exceed 20 kg. Oversized and too heavy baggage is not practical and very vulnerable during deliveries. In case of baggage heavier than 20 kg, the air company may charge passengers for every exceeding kg. This fee must be paid before departure.

The maximum weight of cabin baggage is 10 kg and its size cannot exceed 55x40x20 cm.


If needed, children’s pram and pushchair can be used from check-in desk to cabin seat, but they need to be presented at check-in desk in order to tag them as checked-in baggage.

Baggage Reclaim

Method of Claims 

We only accept baggage claims before leaving the transit area, which has to be reported to the residing airport staff. The staff will inform you of what needs to be done and will write a report of the damage. We advise our passengers to keep your ticket and baggage tag after the flight, for the event of damaged or lost baggages. We make reports on every baggage claim.

Damaged Baggage

In case of damaged baggage, passengers can claim indemnity from the airline. In order to submit a legitimate complaint, the following documents need to be posted to the airline:

* The original copy of baggage damage report

* The original boarding pass and bag tag

* The invoice of repair service

* If your baggage is beyond repair you shall obtain a written confirmation from the repair shop, including indication of the type and value of your baggage

* The original invoice of the baggage, if possible


The data of your Bank (name of the bank, adress, Your bank account number, branch number, SWIFT code, IBAN code).

Lost Baggage

In case of lost baggage, tracking will be carried out for 90 (21) days after the passenger reported delay. If the baggage is not found within this period, passenger shall apply to the air company for compensation with the necessary documents:

* The original copy of the report regarding the delay of the baggage

* The original boarding pass and bag tag

* Your contact and bank account details (name of bank, bank account number, SWIFT code, IBAN code)


Please turn to the customer relations department of the airline with these records. Our colleagues provide you the contact details of the airline.

Disabled Passengers

Disabled passengers can take any parking space in front of the main building.

We would like to ask our passengers if wheelchair is required please inform the airport staff.

For more information please call the following phone numbers:

+36 52 521 192

+36 52 500 548

 For disabled passengers the airport provides a helpful assistance.


Dear Passenger!

In order to provide you a safe and smooth flight, we would like to draw your attention to the followings:

  • Before travelling, please check the validity of your identification document.
  • When you register for a flight at a travel agency, please indicate your special needs (passenger with wheelchair, health problem…, etc).
  • Passengers with infants and children are recommended to arrive during the first half of the check-in to provide themselves suitable seat places.
  • It is forbidden to carry thrusting or cutting tools and fragile glass in the hand baggage; these items should be placed in the check baggage.
  • According to the latest EU safety regulations, passengers can carry liquids, creams and gels on board only in a small amount and in the appropriate wrapping. The containers of these liquids must hold no more than 100 ml each. The plastic bag has to be provided by passengers and it must be presented for examination at the airport security point during security check. At the information desk resealable plastic bag is available on price of 250 HUF/2 pieces.

Fluid containers that hold more than 100 ml will be seized and destroyed by security officers. Passengers are only allowed to carry essential medicines, diabetic supplies, baby food they need during travelling in the hand baggage. If asked, passengers are obliged to prove their origin and the necessity of their usage.

‘Liquids’ include:

All drinks (including beverages, water, soup, syrups), chocolate creams, creams, oil, cheese spread, liver cream, pastas, peanut butter, yogurts, cottage cheese, butter, margarine, frozen food, tins, liver wurst, sausage, jelly, mousse, hair colorants, mascara, fluid lipsticks, fluid masks, lotions, spray and roll-on deodorants, perfumes, nail polish removers, and all items made of similar substances.

Smoking allowed only in the designated smoking areas in front of the building.

Thank you for your cooperation for your own safety. Have a nice flight!